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I’m Susy Chapman from ESL Teaching and Learning. Welcome to my EAL/D learning community!


This is a site for all educators involved in the teaching of students for whom English is an additional language.

Whether you are….

  • in a leadership position in an EAL/D or EFL context

  • EAL qualified or not

  • teaching Australian Indigenous students

  • teaching English as a Foreign Language

  • teaching English but are not a native speaker and not as proficient as you would like

Whatever your teaching experience, qualifications or circumstances I invite you to join me on the teaching and learning journey from anywhere online, as I share from the wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated from over 25 years as an EAL educator!

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Access help

Access consultancy services specific to the context and needs     of your school or classroom through the ‘how can I help?’ link.

Student artwork expressing personal experience

Become a member

Consider becoming a member where you can regularly

  • access practical teaching strategies and resources based on best practice

  • have exclusive access to focus groups driven by the needs of the members


Get started!

However you choose to be a part of this EAL learning community I look forward to working with you/your school to further provide quality learning for your students. I believe all aspects of teaching and learning begin with the students and their journeys so far.

By spending decades across multiple educational settings I have found that clearly understanding your current teaching and learning context is fundamental to student achievement. Research, curriculum, pedagogy, strategies, planning, assessment etc are all essential and important but informed application to the educational setting is what determines excellence!

About Susy Chapman

Susy Chapman from ESL Teaching and Learning offers clients and members knowledge and expertise gained from 25 years within EALD education in Australia from within both government and private systems.

Many years in her career have been spent in the classroom teaching refugees, migrants and international students in the New Arrivals Program (Victorian Education Department Intensive English Program) including holding specialist curriculum and student wellbeing positions.


Further expertise was gained in Central Australia where she taught Australian Indigenous secondary students from remote communities from across central and northern Australia. She became an EAL advisor for the Education Department in Central Australia, her work focusing on school improvements, curriculum development and building teacher capacity across the region to advance student outcomes.

Susy has never lost her passion for the EALD classroom and remains challenged and inspired by the most effective way to teach the English language and content to students from various cultures and world views. Skilled in working in cross cultural environments Susy is keen to continue to work with school leaders and educators to improve students’ learning and outcomes.

Susy Chapman (BachEd, GradCertEdTESOL)

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